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    Sales Gallery
Original Oil and Pastel Paintings
Figures - Interior
  Figures- Outside  
  "The Language of Energy in Art: Finding Your Vision"  
  By Charlotte Wharton  

GENERAL:  All oil and pastel paintings are produced with the highest quality materials and are professionally mounted and framed at museum standards. The price of the artwork includes insurance, sales tax, and shipping within the United States. Shipping outside the United States will be quoted on request.

RETURN POLICY:  The Buyer will have up to two weeks after receipt to return the artwork for any reason. Buyer will receive the full price of the artwork less $40.00 for Seller's insurance, shipping, and handling expenses. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping and insurance expense and the undamaged return of the artwork.

PAYMENT:  Payment will be paid through PayPal. Buyer does not need a PayPal account to purchase.  Paypal accepts all credit cards and other forms of payment. To purchase an artwork, the Buyer will contact Charlotte Wharton at or by telephone at 508-425-6719. Charlotte will cause PayPal to send an invoice to Buyer and, upon confirmation from PayPal of payment, will ship the artwork. Confirmation and shipping details will be emailed to the Buyer.

"Reverend Barbara Merritt"

Portrait Commissions
  Landscapes  (Click on image for larger size and details)  
  "Coastline of Cassis"   "City of Barga, Italy"   "Running Free"  
  "Gathering Heather"   "Coming In"   "Italian Vista"  
  "Ipswich Marshes"   "Marblehead Bay"   "Grazing Under the Vermont Mountains"  
  "Afternoon Shadows"   "Palace of the Popes"   "Piazza del Campidoglio"  
  "Wandering Path"   "Morning on the Rance"  (SOLD)   "Long Winter Soltice"  
  "Evening on the Tiber River"   "Checking the Lobster Traps"   "Romancing The Thames"  (SOLD)  
  "Forever"   "Mirrored Silence"   "Staggering Heat"  
  "Down to Anguilla Waters"   "Umbrian Countryside"   "Along the Rance"  
  "Wash Day"   "River Walk"    "Tuscan Villa"  (SOLD)  
  "Gathering Lavender Seed"   "Coast of Maine"   "Bay In Maine"  
  "Fields of Tuscany"   "Early Eve"   "Foreign Gales"  
  "Early Evening (Marshes)"   "Dock At Marblehead"   "The Watering Trough"  
  "The Red Kayak"   "After The Storm"   "Nursery Farm"  
  "Road In Umbria" (Plein Air)   "Road In Umbria" (In Studio)   "Morning Light"  
  Gardens  (Click on image for larger size and details)  
  "Arched Gate"   "Lupine and Blue Jar"   "Garden at Blithewold"  
  "Morning Light"   "Lemon and Hydragea"   "Morning Amaryllis"  
  "Hydrangea Garden"   "The Open Garden"   "Bean Pot and Roses"  
  "Hydrangea and Chives"   "Yellow Tulips"   "Gazebo At Blithewold Gardens"  
  "Yard of Hydrangea"          
  Figures - Interior  (Click on image for larger size and details)  
  "Dickering"   "After Breakfast"   "Model With Green Robe"  
  "Next Time"   "The Yellow Turbine"   "Leisure Time"  
      "The Printer"      
  Figures- Outside  (Click on image for larger size and details)  
  "Garden Friends"   "Tending Her Garden"   "Garden Visitors"  
  "Sunshine and Emerson"   "Cleaning Day"   "Windy Beach"  
  "Under The Boardwalk"   "Day At The Beach"   "The Visit"