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"The Printer"
Oil, 24" x 18" Framed
"The Printer" was originally a commissioned painting. A local commercial printing company, celebrating its 50th anniversary, needed a promotional piece to give away to customers and friends. The painting was displayed at company headquarters and twenty-nine of the one hundred limited edition prints were given away. A few years later the company went out of business and Charlotte was able to re-acquire the painting and the remaining prints.

The owner of Sunshine Printing, North Brookfield, Massachusetts was kind enough to pose for sketches and preliminary workups. Sunshine Printing was a letterpress printing company using period equipment and movable type. It produced fine staionery and invitations. "The Printer" was produced to be a link to the past in the printing industry.
Limited Edition Print (100), Matted, Framed, Numbered, and Signed by artist.
Image Size 16" x 13"
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