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Portrait Commission Information

Thank you for inquiring about making an investment in an original portrait painting by Charlotte Wharton. Creating a portrait is a collaborative process between the artist and the client/subject of the portrait.

At the initial meeting Ms. Wharton uses a Preliminary Decision Form designed to gather information regarding the needs of the portrait. Upon completion and agreement of this form, the Portrait Contract is presented and signed by all the parties involved.

The creative process continues with a photography session and a head study. These sessions may be done at the same time, but are usually scheduled on different days. Both sessions can be done at a location suitable to the portrait subject other than the artist's studio. Each session will take approximately 2 1/2 hours.

The photography session entails getting a number of varied poses from which to choose a final composition. The head study is painted from life. Ms. Wharton prefers working from life and will encourage the portrait subject to sit during the painting of the portrait as well.

Posthumous portraits are inevitable and Ms. Wharton will work from photographs that are of a professional quality. Ms. Wharton requests additional photographs from private and corporate sources to assist in capturing the spirit of the subject.

If the final portrait is to be larger than head and shoulders, Ms. Wharton will render a small scale color composition. This helps the client/portrait subject visualize her concept of the portrait. Following the approval of the color composition, the portrait painting begins.

The complete process could take several months to a year. Portraits are rendered in the order that the contracts are signed. A completion date is scheduled only when a portrait comes with a corporate deadline or fixed presentation date. These deadlines will preempt normally scheduled portraits.

Creating a portrait is an exciting and enjoyable process for both the artist and client/portrait subject. It's an investment you and the following generation can appreciate.